Monday, July 12, 2010

Lebron James- Narcissism, Ego and Selfishness. The “King”, my arse! By Denny McLain

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This may come as a surprise but I have never met an athlete that was not full of himself, completely identified as a Narcissist, an Egomaniac and of course, 99% of all athletes are selfish in some form, either with their money and or their time. Believe me I know! We eventually grow out of it if we live long enough but no athlete can deny the charges!

Lots of professional folks always forget what made them, where they came from, what they are and who has adored them in one way or another, it is certainly a thrill to have someone come up to you and say, “I was named after you” or “My folks never missed a game” or “My family believe that you are the best thing ever.”

As athletes we have all heard those wonderful statements by fans, the great folks who have given us everything that we have today and because of these professional games that we played we even hold our heads a little higher don’t we?

Now let’s talk about Lebron James, the self proclaimed “King”… King my ass.

Listen, if he really wanted to be the “Greatest ever” he should have gone to Chicago. Why? That is where the “Man” played!

Because the guy in Chicago is the guy who was the best and greatest player of any of our generations, there will never be another Michael Jordan.

The “King” would have been immediately compared to the great “Mikey”.

Can the “King” carry a team the way Jordan did? Can the “King” earn the respect of everyone in a city the way Mikey did? Of course not!

He has proven nothing, nothing, and nothing.

He has won nothing, no ring, got close I guess, but that is not a ring, lots of guys have come close but only the real players ever get to wear the real deal.

He should have demanded Chicago, to go against the legend of Mikey, to go against the history of Mikey, to go against his courage, to go against record after record and after all…to go up against the last second shots that Mikey made to win game after game.

That takes guts, I firmly believe that he chose Miami because he did not have to put up with the comparisons to Mikey, it is that simple. He has lots and lots of help in Miami, he does not have to score 40 every night like Mikey did with the Bulls, or at least it seemed like he did all the time.

If he was not scared, he would have gone into the “Hen House” and showed the people that Michael Jordan was yesterday’s news, and that the “King” will set new records and do things that Mikey could never have done.

What he has done to the city of Cleveland by just departing quickly and without any kind of “I am sorry” is reprehensible, and really a minor league act.

I really thought that he had more class then this kind of cowardly act and if it is true that he did not tell anyone in the management of the Cavaliers and especially the owner of the Cavs then it really was a horrible thing to have the Cavs sitting there waiting on HIS announcement. He sure owed them more than that…did he not?

The Cavs Owner now says that the Cavs will win a ring before Lebron does and since I know that Cavs owner by reputation as a real tough business man in more ways than one, I would bet on the owner, at least most of us are going to pull for the owner, at least this one time and I only hope that the Cavs get a chance to beat Miami in the championship, would that not be a hoot?

The “King” has lost this one for sure!

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